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Educating patients on new COVID-19 procedures

The recent COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the delivery of many of the services provided by GP practices. This included a range of the diagnostic and other testing services that were halted near the start of the pandemic and have yet to be fully restored.

Many GP practices are now looking at what they need to do to begin reopening and offering more services to patients. This will require a range of changes to how practices work and the way in which they deliver care to patients.

Educating patients on new procedures and policies

It is likely that additional safety procedures and policies will be need to be put in place by many practices to make reopening possible. Some of the new procedures that patients will experience could include:

  • The use of additional personal protective equipment (PPE) by staff
  • Temperature checks for patients on arrival
  • Additional room cleaning and disinfecting procedures
  • The use of protective screens at reception

Communicating these new procedures effectively will be an important part of this process. This helps to reassure patients they are safe to visit the practice and makes them more aware of any procedures that they may need to follow.

To help with this, we have added a range of new COVID-19 related content to our media library. This includes videos on the additional use of PPE by staff, the extra room cleaning procedures many will have in place and the availability of hand sanitisers at the practice.

The use of waiting rooms screens to communicate this type of information is even more important than usual because leaflets and posters will no longer be allowed in many waiting rooms. This restriction limits the way in which practices can communicate these changes to patients effectively.

Using a patient call system to help reduce risk

One issue some practices could face is how clinicians can collect patients from the waiting room safely.

It is likely that the use of additional PPE will be required for many months or even years to come in some settings. Having to remove and replace this every time a clinician leaves their room could be very time consuming if patients are still collected by the clinician.

A patient call system can be used to help to alleviate the problem by allowing patients to be called directly from the consulting room using the screens in the waiting room. The patient’s name, staff details and room name or number are displayed instantly on the TV screen when required. This clearly directs patients where to go for their appointment.

Using patient call removes the need for you or any other member of staff to leave their room to collect patients. This helps to save time and can reduce the need to replace PPE before each appointment.

More information

For more information about the Envisage waiting room TV and patient call system then please call our sales team on 0114 243 3896, or contact us here.

If you are an existing Envisage user and would like help adding any of the new COVID-19 content to your playlist then please contact our technical support team on 0114 399 0010, or email: