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Encourage vaccination to prevent winter flu and Covid-19 wave

By September 28, 2022No Comments

The UK must be prepared for a big wave of flu this winter experts have warned.

This is based on what Australia has recently experienced during its winter where cases peaked significantly higher there than in the three years before the Covid-19 pandemic began. Many other nations in the southern hemisphere have also had rampant flu seasons.

It is largely because people mixed more once Covid restrictions eased. However, they had little immunity to the influenza virus after a break from the disease.

Autumn flu and Covid-19 wave

After two years with almost zero flu circulating, and much of the focus being on Covid-19, there is a belief that vaccine fatigue may have set it in. This lack of vaccination could cause a higher than usual wave of flu this winter.

Covid-19 is also still circulating and there are fears that cases could rise this winter. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that cases are starting to rise again in the UK.

NHS director for vaccinations and screening Steve Russell said: “This winter could be the first time we see the effects of the so called ‘twindemic’ with both Covid and flu in full circulation, so it is vital that those most susceptible to serious illness from these viruses come forward for vaccines in order to protect themselves and those around them.”

Vaccination campaign launched

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) recently launched its autumn vaccination campaign for both flu and Covid-19.

Vaccination offers the best protection against flu and encouraging as many eligible people as possible to get vaccinated is essential to reducing NHS pressures. The UKHSA has advised that this year’s flu vaccination is a good match for the type of seasonal influenza that is currently circulating – a strain called H3N2.

The UK is also making available an updated vaccine for Covid-19. This targets both the original and the Omicron version of the virus.

Covid-19 and flu vaccines are recommended for those at higher risk of illness. This includes:

  • everyone over 50
  • pregnant women
  • people with certain underlying health conditions
  • care-home residents
  • front-line health and social care workers

Flu and Covid-19 vaccination content now available

The Envisage waiting room TV media library already has an extensive range of Covid-19 and flu vaccination content available, and we have recently added new videos to the system with the latest eligibility criteria.

For more information about using Envisage waiting room TV to promote vaccination campaigns in your waiting room, please give us a call on 0114 243 3896, or email:

If you are already a user of our Envisage waiting room TV system and would like any assistance adding this new content to your system, or if you would like to arrange training on using the system, then please contact our support team on 0114 399 0010, or by email: