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Waiting Room TV

Educate and inform your patients

Enhance your practice with GP waiting room TV

Your waiting room is a patient’s first impression of your GP practice, and one cluttered with posters and leaflets can look messy and untidy. This means that important information about your practice, such as services and clinics, may be missed by patients.

The Envisage GP waiting room TV system allows you to share a range of educational and informative messages quickly and easily. This creates a professional, pleasant environment and helps your patients to feel comfortable and well-informed.

All your content in one location

The CodaSign Content Manager interface allows you to quickly and easily upload, create and share a range of content to your Envisage GP waiting room TV system from one location. You can choose from a range of videos in our media library, or upload your own content to display.

With CodaSign you can create your own messages called templates to share with your patients. These can be tailored to suit your practice and updated as many times as you like. You can also quickly export content from Canva, and share your  X (Twitter) and Instagram feeds on your displays.

What can I display?

Your can upload, create and share a range of content using the CodaSign Content Manager interface. It supports all of the most popular formats and will allow you to display:

Graphics and video

Easily upload any videos or images you may have including MP4, WMV, JPEG and PNG files.

Brandable templates

Use our templating system to create customisable slides that can be branded to your practice.

Social media feeds

Integrate a range of social media platforms with your account, including Instagram and X (Twitter).

Live weather updates

Display the latest weather information from any location and have this update in real-time!

Canva integration

Share Canva designs instantly with any changes you make updated automatically.

PDF documents

Upload any PDF documents and add them to your displays in minutes.

YouTube videos

Add content from YouTube, including your own videos and range of library content.

Web pages & RSS feeds

Display a range of web pages and RSS feeds, all updated in real-time.

Media Library

Envisage GP waiting room TV is available with a regularly updated library of hundreds of media articles to educate your patients and keep them informed. This includes:

Exclusive videos on a range of health topics – including content on cancer, smoking, mental health and healthy living.
Content to promote additional services and information – such as flu vaccinations, childhood immunisations and smoking clinics.
Media from a range of other providers – including official campaign media from NHS England, the UK HSA and the UK Government.

Templating – share your practice information & services

Our unique templating system allows you to quickly and easily share your practice information and services with your patients. Slides can be created instantly and customised with your own information.

For example, you could create an opening hours template to let patients know your surgery hours or advise them of the number of missed appointments per month. All of these templates can be updated and changed as many times as you require!

“We would definitely recommend the Envisage system for other practices as it saves time and educates the patient while they’re waiting for their appointment.”

Rushden Medical Centre

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