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Patient Check-in Training & Support

Here you can find support and information for your Envisage Patient Check-in system, including training videos, FAQs and user guides.

Envisage Patient Check-in Training Webinar

To book a place on the next Envisage Patient Check-in training webinar, please click the link below.

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Live Support

Patient Instruction Video

An educational video designed to explain to patients how to use the Envisage Patient Check-in system.

Please click the link below to download.

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Patient Check-in Installation Video

A video showing how your Envisage Patient Check-in system will be installed by our expert team of installers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Envisage Check-in application will be loaded on to one of your PCs, usually a Reception PC. This PC must be logged on to Windows with the Envisage Patient Check-in application running, and for EMIS and TPP systems, a user must be logged in to the clinical system. If your reception desk is logged in correctly with the clinical system open, please contact our support team who will investigate this issue further.
At the end of each day, we recommend that your system is placed into standby mode, this allows our technical team to keep your system up to date without affecting your patients during the working day. To place your system in and out of standby mode, please press the ‘Power’ button once. The power button is located on the back panel of the touchscreen.
Yes, additional banners can be purchased via our website. Please click here to find out more: Envisage Patient Check-in Roller Banner
From within the Envisage Patient Check-in application located on your reception desk PC, select the ‘Check-in Window’ tab, and configure the settings based on your individual requirements. More details can be found in the user manual

User Guides and Downloads

Envisage Patient Check-in Operator Manual

Operator manual for the Envisage Patient Check-in System

Envisage Patient Check-in Self Install Guide

A self install guide for the Envisage Patient Check-in System

Envisage Patient Check-in Floor & Desk Stand Dimensions

Floor & Desk Stand dimensions for the Envisage Patient Check-in System

Envisage Support Contact Us

Our technical support team are available Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.30pm. Please contact us using one of the methods below.

    0114 399 0010
    Numed Healthcare
    Alliance House
    Roman Ridge Road
    S9 1GB

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