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Increase the flu vaccination uptake at your GP practice

By August 23, 2017September 11th, 2017No Comments

A waiting room TV system can be a great way to increase the flu vaccination uptake at your GP practice or doctor’s surgery. This is especially important when many at risk groups are still not getting vaccinated against the flu.

Information from Public Health England has revealed that overall flu vaccination uptake in 2016/17 increased from those in 2015/16. However, there were still a significant number of people who were not vaccinated and were vulnerable to developing the flu.

Uptake for those aged 65 years and over was 70.5%, this was a slight decrease from 71.0% in 2015/16, but the number of vaccinations overall has increased. The uptake for pregnant women was 44.9%, this was an increase from 42.3% in 2015/16.

Flu Nasal Vaccination for Children

For children aged two, three and four years old the uptake of the flu nasal vaccination also increased. There has also been an increase in the actual number of vaccinations given compared to last year:

  • all two-year-olds was 38.9%
  • all three-year-olds was 41.5%
  • all four-year olds was 33.9%

Along with the recent changes to the hepatitis B vaccine eligibility for infants, the flu nasal vaccination eligibility has also been updated. The vaccine now available for children aged two and three on August 31 2017 and those in reception class and school years one, two, three and four. In some parts of the country, all primary school-aged children will also be offered the vaccine.

Increase the Flu Vaccination Uptake using Envisage

One way you can help promote the flu vaccination uptake is to use Envisage to make as many of your patients aware of the availability of the vaccination as possible. You can do this by adding our new flu and flu nasal vaccination videos to your Envisage playlist:

Flu Vaccination 2017

Flu Nasal Vaccination 2017

If you are interested in learning how the Envisage system can be used to promote the uptake of vaccinations at your GP surgery or health centre then please contact our Sales team on 0114 243 3896 or contact us here.