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Keep Antibiotics Working – Make your patients aware of the dangers

By November 1, 2017No Comments

Public Health England has recently launched its Keep Antibiotics Working campaign, which warns patients of the risks of taking antibiotics when they are not needed.

Around 5,000 people in England die every year because antibiotics have become useless against a range of infections. Experts now predict that antibiotic resistance will kill more people than diabetes and cancer combined within 30 years.

Antimicrobial resistance occurs naturally over time, as micro-organisms adapt and reproduce. However, the effect is vastly accelerated by overuse and misuse of antibiotic drugs.

The Keep Antibiotics Working campaign features a short video which advises patients that taking antibiotics when they don’t need them puts both them and their families at risk. To help keep antibiotics working patients are urged to always take their doctor or nurse’s advice on antibiotics.

Existing customers can download and add the new video their Envisage systemFor help and advice on adding the new video to your Envisage playlist, please visit our dedicated Support section.

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