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Londonwide LMCs GP State of Emergency campaign video

By August 17, 2017August 23rd, 2017No Comments

A short film from Londonwide LMCs is now available on Envisage to help raise awareness amongst patients of the crisis facing GP practices in London.

The film was put together as part of the Londonwide LMCs’ GP State of Emergency campaign. It urges patients to engage with their practice’s patient group and to challenge local councillors and MPs to support general practice. Patients are at risk of losing their GPs unless the pressures on general practice are dramatically and appropriately reduced.

Londonwide LMCs has produced a range of other content to help make patients aware of the pressures GP practices in London which can be downloaded here.

We have agreed to make the film available in our Envisage Media library so practices can easily display it on their waiting room screens. This will allow hundreds of practices across London to show patients how much pressure they are experiencing. You can download the State of Emergency video from our Envisage Media library here:

Download Now

If you need any help using your Envisage system then please visit our dedicated Support section for a range of training videos and guides or for more information about Envisage for your GP practice or health centre, please call 0114 399 0010 or contact us here.