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The cost of missed appointments

Missed appointments at GP practices cost the NHS around £162 million every year.

That is around 12 million appointments that are unattended every year and this amount of money could fund a whole new hospital or 655,870 ambulance call-outs. A further 6.9 million outpatient hospital appointments are missed every year in the UK, costing an average of £108 per appointment in 2012/13.

Missed appointments waste NHS resources and can cause serious delays in treatment for other patients.

Simple initiatives, such as sending email and text reminders, are now being used by many clinics and are already beginning to see results. A recent study suggested that making patients aware of the cost of missed appointments are far more likely to not miss them.

We’ve created a new video to help make your patients aware of this cost and remind them to contact you as soon as possible if they are unable to attend their appointment. You can download this new video from our Envisage Media website:

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To find out more about how you can make patients aware of the cost of missed appointments using the Envisage waiting room TV and patient call system, please call 0114 2433896 or contact us here