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The benefits of using patient call at your GP surgery

By February 23, 2020February 25th, 2020No Comments

Televisions are now commonplace in many GP practice waiting rooms. They can be used for a range of purposes, from displaying 24 hour rolling news to providing educational messages while patients wait for their appointment.

But have you thought about using the TV screen in your waiting room to install a patient call system? Many GP practices have clinical staff escort patients to their appointment themselves, or telephone reception to ask them to send the patient through. This can be very time consuming and this time could be better used treating and caring for patients.

Using the TV in your waiting room to install a patient call system can provide a range of benefits to both you and your patients. Practices installing this type of system often find that it:

1. Reduces pressure on administration staff – Having the ability for clinical staff to call patients to their appointment reduces workload on administration and reception staff. This allows them to focus on providing better patient services.

2. Gives clinical staff more time with their patients – Having a patient call system reduces the time it takes to call patients to their appointment. Clinical staff no longer have to leave their consulting rooms to get patients from the waiting room. This means that they have more time to manage and care for their patients.

3. Reduces patient waiting times – The reduced workload for staff means that patients can be seen more quickly, reducing patient waiting times.

“The patient call system means the flow of patients is much more efficient than before, the receptionists time has been freed up to do other duties, and the atmosphere within the waiting room is much calmer than before.”

 Jan McCulloch, Management Partner – Barns Medical Practice

The patient call system available with Envisage is fully integrated with all the leading GP clinical systems from EMIS, TPP and Vision. This integration allows you to call patients with a single click directly from your clinical system, without the need for additional hardware or software.

The waiting room media available with Envisage can also help to entertain and educate patients while they wait. The wide range of educational content available with Envisage improves your waiting areas and helps to educate your patients. This can help to reduce the number of visits to your practice as patients are better able to manage their own health.

For more information about the Envisage waiting room TV and patient call system for your GP practice or health centre, please call 0114 243 3896 or contact us here. If you already have Envisage and would like help using your system then please visit our dedicated patient call support section.