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Patient Call

Save time and improve the patient experience

A fully integrated GP patient call system

The Envisage GP patient call system is an additional feature available with Envisage that allows you to call patients directly from your consulting room. The system can be used either manually, or for GP practices there is full integration with the EMIS, TPP SystmOne and Vision GP clinical systems.


Call patients with a click

Envisage patient call removes the need for your reception staff or doctors to leave their desks and call patients manually, saving time and reducing waiting times for patients.

Click one of the buttons below to see and hear an example of how a patient call is displayed using Envisage.


“The flow of patients is much more efficient than before and the receptionists time has been freed up to do other duties. The atmosphere within the waiting room is much calmer than it was before.”

Jan McCulloch, Management Partner – Barns Medical Practice


Key features and benefits

Reduces patient waiting times

A reduced workload for all the team means that patients can be seen more quickly, reducing patient waiting times.

Gives clinical staff more time

Clinical staff no longer have to leave their consulting rooms to get patients from the waiting room, giving them more time with patients.

Reduces pressure on the admin team

The clinical team can easily call patients to their appointment, reducing the workload for the administration and reception teams.

Entertains and educates patients

A wide range of content available with Envisage waiting room TV improves your waiting areas and helps to entertain and educate your patients.

Get in touch

Save time and improve your patient’s experience with Envisage GP Patient Call System. Simply click the link below to contact us, or call us on 0114 2433896.