Envisage Waiting Room TV & Patient Call

Envisage Patient Check-in

“It is very clear with the information it displays and it saves having leaflets and other information in the waiting room.”

“It reduces the amount of queueing at reception, and ensures that patients are more likely to be seen on time.”

Rushden Medical Centre are a busy GP practice whose goal is to provide their community with the best possible primary care services. They focus on patient satisfaction giving a personalised and professional service in line with their patients’ needs.

The practice recently installed both the Envisage Waiting Room TV & Patient Call and Envisage Patient Check-in systems after being a user of Numed’s integrated diagnostic solutions for a number of years. They have seen several benefits to installing both systems. Maria, Healthcare Assistant at the practice, explains:

“We would definitely recommend the Envisage system for other practices as it saves time and it educates the patient while they’re waiting for their appointment.”

Operations Manager, Michelle Cooper describes how using Envisage Waiting Room TV has helped to reduce the clutter at the practice:

“It is very clear with the information and it saves having lots of leaflets and other things everywhere.”

The practice also chose to install Envisage with the optional patient call feature. This has helped them save time and improve the efficiency of the practice as Michelle explains:

“The patient call system is a very good system to use. The clinicians prefer it as they can be calling the next patient in whilst they are finishing off their notes. The patients like it as well because it means that they can be efficient in getting into their appointment as quickly as possible.”

Envisage Patient Check-in is another recent addition at the practice and this has really helped to improve the arrival experience for patients and streamline the practice. Business Development Manager, Craig describes some of the benefits they have seen:

“I would recommend the Envisage Patient Check-in system. Reason one is because it alleviates the pressure from the administration teams, reason two is because it allows patients to be independent in their arrival at the surgery, and reason three is because it adds to the overall experience for patients in the surgery.”

The practice are very pleased that they chose the Envisage Patient Check-in system due to how easy it was to setup and how easy patients have found it to use. Maria explains:

There are a lot of older patients at our practice who do tend to struggle very much with IT systems. However, they have found this system very easy to use.”

They are also really pleased with the support they have received from Numed Healthcare during the installation process and afterwards. Michelle describes their experience:

“We are glad we chose the Envisage Patient Check-in system as it was easy to setup, is easy for patients to use and there is excellent support available if you need it.”