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Promoting the Stoptober quit smoking campaign in your waiting room

By September 30, 2021No Comments

Stoptober is back this October for its 10th anniversary year calling on smokers to stop smoking for the month of October. Over 2.3 million smokers have made a quit attempt with the campaign since it launched a decade ago.

Stoptober encourages people to stop smoking for 28 days during the month of October. Research has shown that if someone can stop smoking for 28 days then they are 5 times more likely to quit for good.

Smoking a leading cause of premature death

Over 6 million adults in England still smoke, and smoking remains the leading cause of premature death with almost 75,000 preventable deaths every year.

A recent survey of 2000 smokers found that nearly half (45%) have been smoking more since the first lockdown began in March 2020. Data from the monthly UCL Smoking Toolkit Study also showed a large increase in smoking among the under-35s since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Smoking in this age group was up from 18% in 2019 to 24% in 2021.

This data means that this Stoptober is more important than ever. Stopping smoking brings immediate health benefits, including being able to breathe more easily, being able to start moving better and saving money.

What support is available this Stoptober?

Stoptober offers a range of support and free tools to help smokers quit, including:

  • Access to the NHS Quit Smoking app,
  • A Facebook Messenger bot
  • Stoptober Facebook online communities
  • Daily emails and SMS messages
  • An online Personal Quit Plan

GPs and pharmacists can also give tips and advice to help smokers quit, including what prescription medications might be suitable for them. Many local One You stop smoking services can also offer support.

Promoting the Stoptober campaign in your waiting room

We’ve just added a range of new Stoptober content to our Envisage waiting room TV system to help users promote the campaign in their waiting room. This includes official Stoptober promotional videos and a range of other quit smoking content.

For more information about using Envisage waiting room TV and patient call system to share important health awareness messages with your patients, please contact our team on 0114 243 3896, or email: