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Self Care for Minor Conditions media launched

By September 7, 2017No Comments

Every year, millions of patients visit their GP with minor health problems that they could manage themselves. This puts extra strain on already limited NHS resources and can prevent doctors treating patients with more serious conditions.

To help make patients aware, we’ve created a new Seven Steps to Self Care for Minor Conditions video to Envisage. This new video gives practical tips to help them when they are feeling unwell and advice and where to go if they need further help. This includes:

  • Stocking up on over-the counter medicines so that they are well prepared to treat minor conditions.
  • Knowing how long it can take for simple conditions to clear up.
  • Always looking for the lowest cost version of a medicine that is recommended.

Patients are also advised to visit their local community pharmacist if they want further advice about minor conditions. They can give advice and recommend medicines that patients can buy to relieve their symptoms. They will also signpost patients to other health professionals if they think they need more help.

To download the new Seven Steps to Self Care for Minor Conditions video please click the link below:

Download Now

For help and advice on how to add the new video to your Envisage playlist, please visit our dedicated Support section.