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You can request your login details by contacting our Technical Support team by emailing: with your request. You can also provide email addresses for any additional team members.
The clock application is set to infinite duration as a default, so it will currently have no instruction to stop after a certain period of time. To change this, click and highlight the clock in your playlist and select the right hand ‘Edit’ option from the corner of the screen. You can then change the duration of the clock to the required setting (The duration is always listed in seconds).
The most common cause of this problem is that the TV has lost its original input settings. Make sure your TV is set to either HDMI or VGA input by pressing the ‘Input’ or ‘Source’ button on your TV remote control, and your TV will cycle through to the next input type each time you press the button. Once you’ve found either the HDMI or VGA input the Envisage system should then appear. If you’re having trouble checking the input or if this has not resolved the problem, please call our Technical Support team on 0114 399 0010.
You do not need any additional licences for content that has been sourced from our Envisage media website. Other media that you personally source from external providers may require you to hold a valid PRS licence, especially if it contains music. Please liaise with your local authority or the original producer of the content to check specific circumstances.
You will need to assign the Screen Layout to the display screen in the Assignment section of Envisage Advanced. Using your mouse drag the Screen Layout from the content section over to the screen in the Display section.
Yes, we run frequent webinar training sessions for any user. To book onto one please go to

User Guides and Downloads

Envisage Getting Started Guide

A getting started guide for the Envisage Media App

Envisage Coda

A user guide for the Envisage Coda website

Word to PDF Conversion

Information on how to convert a word document to a PDF file for use with Envisage.

PowerPoint to Video Conversion

A guide on how to convert a PowerPoint to a video file for use on Envisage.

Envisage Call Agent

A detailed user guide for the Envisage Patient Call System

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