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The benefits of installing a patient check-in system

By December 13, 2022April 29th, 2024No Comments

Image of a patient check in system on a reception deskThe UK healthcare industry has been quick to take advantage of the benefits that technology can bring to both improve operations and enhance the patient experience. Patient call systems and waiting room information screens and are now common in many GP and hospital waiting areas, and patient check-in systems are increasingly being used to help enhance the arrival experience.

Whilst many GP practices and hospitals now use patient arrivals systems, there are those who haven’t taken advantage of the benefits that using one of these systems can offer. The following is five benefits of installing a patient check-in system, such as Envisage Patient Check-in, can provide to both you and your patients:

1. Improves the arrival experience for patients

Checking in patients for their appointment at reception can be a very frustrating experience. During busy times, patients may have to wait for long periods while they queue to confirm they have arrived, and this can create a negative first impression of your practice.

Installing a patient check-in system means that patients can check in for their appointment quickly and easily without having to visit reception. This reduces the time they have to wait to confirm they have arrived, and helps to improve their overall impression of your practice.

2. Frees up time for reception staff

Reception staff can be one of the biggest beneficiaries of a patient check-in system. This is because they are often required to perform multiple tasks in a day, including answering phone calls, responding to patient queries, and checking patients in for their appointment.

A patient check-in system allows patients to independently check themselves for their appointment. This saves staff’s time that would have otherwise been spent completing this process allowing them to spend more time on their other responsibilities.

3. Reduces administration errors

Using a patient check-in system to confirm patients have arrived for their appointment, rather than doing this manually at reception, can significantly reduce the chances that an incorrect patient is marked as arrived. This ensures that your appointments systems runs smoothly with significantly less errors, creating a better experience for staff and patients.

4. Helps to maintain social distancing guidelines

The recent Covid-19 pandemic made it necessary for people to observe social distancing guidelines to contain the spread of the disease. Patient check-in systems enable your practice to easily adhere to these guidelines and help to make them a safer place for patients to visit.

The Envisage Patient Check-in system goes even further, by allowing patients to confirm they have arrived for using a contactless QR code option. Contactless check-in allows patients to scan a QR code on the check-in screen using their smartphone and then enter their details to confirm they have arrived. This helps to reduce the risk of cross infection even further.

5. Reduces costs

Many hospitals and GP practices have adopted check-in technology to lower their overall operating costs. The time saved by patients checking themselves in can help to reduce the number of staff required at reception that would otherwise be required to perform this task.

To find out more about the benefits of installing a patient check-in system at your GP practice or hospital, please visit our dedicated Envisage Patient Check-in page, or contact our team on 0114 2433896 or by emailing: