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The benefits of installing waiting room TV in your GP practice

By April 25, 2018No Comments

Your GP practice relies on modern computer systems and the services you provide to patients are becoming increasingly high-tech. Patients are now often checked-in to their appointment using automated systems, and you may even text your patients to remind them of their appointments. 

However, your waiting room itself may not have kept up with these technological changes.

Many GP practices still use posters and leaflets to inform patients of their various services and the only entertainment available is often outdated magazines. A waiting like this often looks tired and outdated, and having only magazines for entertainment can mean patients quickly become bored.

The benefits of installing waiting room TV

Installing a waiting room TV system, such as Envisage, can help to reduce many of these problems and create a waiting room where patients feel more comfortable spending their time. There are a range of other benefits of installing waiting room TV in your practice including:

  1. Reducing perceived waiting times – Displaying educational and informative content helps to reduce the perceived waiting time for patients. A half an hour wait can end up feeling more like 20 minutes when patients are entertained watching videos targeted to them.
  2. Easing patient’s anxiety about their appointments. – Waiting room TV not only decreases patient’s perceived waiting times it can also help to ease their anxiety. Watching the screens can reduce the nervousness and anxiety of waiting patients, making them more relaxed before their appointment.
  3. Educating patients on improving their health –  You can use waiting room TV to share educational content, such as health and wellness tips, your practice services and reminders for vaccinations. All this can help patients to manage their own health better.
  4. Creating a better connection with your staff – Waiting room TV gives you an opportunity to introduce your team to your patients in an engaging way. You can create staff introduction videos that show the professional qualifications and skills of your team. This can help to build stronger relationships with your patients.
  5. Reducing administration for clinical staff – Having the ability for clinical staff to call patients to their appointment reduces the workload on administration and reception staff, allowing them to better care for patients.

For more information about the benefits of installing waiting room TV, such as Envisage, at your GP practice or health centre, please call 0114 243 3896 or contact us hereIf you already have Envisage and would like help using your system then please visit our dedicated support section.