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Using waiting room TV to help reduce pressure on NHS services

By January 16, 2018January 18th, 2018No Comments

With ever increasing demands on NHS services it is vital that patients are educated on the different options available to them when they are feeling unwell.

Minor illnesses and ailments can often be treated with rest and a well-stocked medicine cabinet, whilst pharmacists and NHS 111 can be used for other less serious conditions. Here are some of the ways that you can use a waiting room TV system, such as Envisage, to educate your patients and help reduce pressure on NHS services:

Make patients aware of the different services available

A significant number of visits to GP practices and accident and emergency (A&E) are because patients are unaware of the other services available to them. Those patients that are aware can often be unsure as to when they should use these different services, such as pharmacists and walk-in centres.

Using a video such as the Think! Why A&E? can help to explain patients when they should use a service depending on the ailment they are experiencing. This frees up those other services to provide better care.

Educate patients on how to better care for themselves

Patients can often visit A&E departments and other NHS services because they don’t have the knowledge to care for themselves correctly when ill. Simple measures, such as stocking up on over the counter medicines, can make patients more prepared for when they are ill and reduce pressures on NHS services.

The Seven Steps to Self Care video available on Envisage makes patients aware of the basic medicines they should have available, as well as using local pharmacists for expert advice and treatment for common illness or by calling NHS 111 for urgent advice.

Prepare your patients for winter

Visits to all NHS services increase during winter. This is for a variety of reasons, but some of these visits could be reduced if elderly patients or those suffering with a long-term health condition prepare themselves for winter better.

Adding a video, such as the Stay Well This Winter video below, to your waiting room TV system can educate vulnerable people to take steps to better prepare for winter. This advice includes getting the flu jab, keeping their home well heated and visiting the pharmacist for more basic ailments.

For more information about using waiting room TV to educate your patients and reduce pressure on NHS services at your GP practice or health centre, please call 0114 243 3896 or contact us here

If you already have Envisage and would like help adding any of the videos above to your system then please visit our dedicated support section.