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Westcourt Medical Centre improve patient education with Envisage

By March 13, 2019April 8th, 2019No Comments

“The educational videos are fantastic. I like the way they enable us to engage with our patients whilst they are sat in the waiting room. When speaking to the surgery team I know that many conversations with patients have started as a result of the videos our patients have watched.”


Westcourt Medical Centre is a modern, forward thinking surgery in the heart of the community of Rustington since 1986. With over 12500 patients, they need to ensure that they are communicating effectively and efficiently with their patients to provide the best possible care.

The practice knew that they needed to install a waiting room TV system to ensure that they were adequately communicating with their patients. After looking at a range of different systems, they chose the Envisage waiting room TV and patient call system. Practice Manager Clair Fallows tells us about her experience of the installation & training and how easy she found using the system to use:

“The installation and training went very smoothly, and the Numed team helped us every step of the way. I very quickly got to grips with the Envisage interface which I can use on any internet enabled PC which means I can update the playlist from any location. I update the playlist every couple of weeks with new and seasonal healthcare videos which I select from the regularly updated library of content Numed provide in their portal.”

Educating and informing patients

Clair found the video content which is included with the Envisage system of a very high quality. This has helped the practice to educate their patients about improving their own health, and has encouraged patients to better communicate with practice staff:

“The educational videos are fantastic and I like the way they enable us to engage with our patients whilst they are sat in the waiting room. When speaking to the surgery team, I know that many conversations start as a result of the videos our patients are watching. The content is easy for patients to understand and helps us publicise clinics and additional services, such as E-Prescriptions, telephone consultations, online services.”

She also found that being able to create her own content has enabled her to keep her patients up to date with the latest practice services and information. This has included creating her own content using ticker messages and using the Envisage templating system to create her one slides. Clair also found it easy to add content and information from external sources:

“I can easily add in our own content, such as practice notices, PPG items and events. I really like the templating system and ticker information strip at the bottom of the screen. I can update these almost instantly with practice news and messages, such as DNAs for the month or a training closure. I also include news feeds from other sources, such as the BBC.”

Helping patients get the best out of their appointment

The Envisage system has helped patients make the most of their appointments and understand the importance of sticking to their 10 minute appointment. It has also allowed the practice to better educate patients on the importance of self-care, helping to prevent them from visiting the practice in the future and manage their care at home.

All of this this has improved patient care and increased efficiency within the practice and this has combined to reduce pressure on the practice team:

“We can now advise on how to get the best from patients’ appointments and what can be tackled in their ten minutes, plus advocate self-care – vitally important when primary care is under such immense strain. The support when we have needed it has been exceptional, always quick and efficient. I believe all surgeries would benefit greatly from having this facility in their waiting room. It does exactly what we hoped and I would not hesitate to recommend Envisage and Numed Healthcare.”

Find out more information about Envisage

For more information and advice about the Envisage waiting room TV and patient call system for your GP surgery or health centre, please contact our team on: 0114 243 3896 or email: